A Multitalented Doctor, Humanitarian Pianist, and an Artistic Air Traffic Controller!

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You’re about to meet 3 outstanding women, the newest Charter Members of DGC! See if you relate to their dreams, hopes, and actions.

Find out why they decided to join DGC NOW instead of later!:

1. Dr. Carolyn Woodfork Richardson is an accomplished Board-Certified physician who practices pediatric medicine. But she’s not all scrubs, all day long! She writes poetry, makes musical compilations, gardens, and happens to be an expert gift-giver who embellishing crafts so that receivers know it was made specifically for them. Currently, as a Locum Tenens (meaning she fills in for other physicians on a temporary basis), she works for various Houston medical practices assuring high standards of patient care and staff efficiency.

In her own words: My reason for joining Designer Growth Club is to get direction as to how to transition to a profitable and fulfilling new career that will allow me to pass along medical information while utilizing all of my creative talents.


2. Patryce King is an American pianist who strongly advocates for cultivating the arts in society. She believes whole-heartedly that building a relationship between your art, your music, and your life contributes value to the world. She’s Artistic Director of her own private piano business, King Studios and is a sought-after collaborative pianist, chamber music coach, workshop leader, and solo artist. The fitness and philosophy junkie is prepping for a January performance with members of the Austin Symphony Orchestra which will also mark her debut recording.

In her own words: My desire to be a part of DGC is to be part of a dream-team group of
divinely guided women-- women who already know that when you support others, everyone wins!


3. Dana Murphy is an Air Traffic Controller and supermom to two 2 very special boys who she says are without a doubt bringing light into the places that need it. She’s also an air traffic controller who spends about 40 hours a week keeping the skies safe by separating airplanes from each other, guiding pilots into a line, one behind the other to land. And she calls that “FUN”! When she’s not keeping planes in the air you can find her writing, blogging, and mastering calligraphy in preparation to launch her own line of greeting cards.

In her own words: My true passion lies in encouraging those who are hurting. There’s no
specific who, or how I do it, there’s no type of hurting. And that’s because I’m trying to figure that out. I thought I had it all figured out, but it changed as I changed in my self-discovery journey. And THAT is why I decided to join DGC. To figure out the how and the who and even the what, all the while continuing my evolution to becoming who I was created to be.


Of the many things these dynamic women are looking forward to, it’s being in the same room with like-minded Kindred Spirits that’s got them fired up the most!

What is it YOU’RE looking for to power you through this season of life?

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