Have You Found Your Vehicle, Yet? Better Yet, Has it Found You?

breakthrough dgc purpose Aug 15, 2017

Your purpose will be carried out quite literally in a series of changing vehicles. Each vehicle will drive you further and further down the road towards destiny fulfillment. But that’s only if you don’t allow yourself to be sideswiped by a few nefarious Purpose Crashers! Read further if you’re ready to get in the fast lane on the highway that was built specifically for you.

When I say vehicle, I’m referring to the job, the position, the possibility or the opportunity that you and your purpose are currently riding in or that’s currently being offered to you in a period of transition. First, you must embrace this important Designer Life mantra: Your Purpose is not the thing you do. Your Purpose is the thing that happens in others when you do what you do. Think of it as the part of you that catalyzes some positive result in the people who have the extraordinary blessing of being in your presence. Does that sound like a vain and arrogant statement to you, to call yourself a blessing? If so, it means you haven’t yet discovered that you were created to be a blessing. And all those dreams you’ve been chasing, and those goals you’ve been pursuing? Well, get this. They’re not just about you. In fact, they have more to do with the others who will benefit from you getting what you’re going after! Believe me, that’s a good "ouch" because it purifies your whole motivation. Purified motives garner breakthrough results.



Let’s first look at the definition of the word vehicle (Webster’s Dictionary):
1 : a means of carrying or transporting something. Planes, trains, and other vehicles: such as
a : motor vehicle
b : a piece of mechanized equipment
2: an agent of transmission: carrier
3: a medium through which something is expressed, achieved, or displayed an investment vehicle; especially: a work created especially to display the talents of a particular performer

Now let’s look at how to recognize a true Purpose vehicle vs a “non-fruitful act of busy-ness”:
Being the brilliant, in demand woman that you are (or are looking to become), you will ALWAYS have people pulling at you from all angles. And because you can do a lot of things you say “yes” to more than you should. This is a new season where your “yes’s” must become more discriminating because your time has become more precious. It’s more important than ever before to determine which things presented to you are true vehicles so that you Designer Life is not cluttered with phony opportunity knock-offs! Use these 4 factors to establish your rubric for staying on track with purpose.

Use these 4 factors to establish your rubric for staying on track with purpose:

1. Whatever opportunity or new challenge is being presented to you must be vetted to be able to serve as a true means of carrying or transporting your goods, gifts, talents, skills, art and abilities to the next, higher level destination. Is it a means of promotion, education or elevation? Then say yes.

2. Do the people offering me this opportunity truly have the mechanized equipment and the systems to deliver on what’s being promised? If not, and if you’re going to have to be the motor, is it truly worth your time and efforts to get involved? If so, say yes.

3. Will this new possibility be able to transmit your magic? Will it provide the opportunity not just for you to make more money or have more power, but will it give you the chance to change atmospheres, outcomes and make a lasting impact? If so, give a resounding yes.

4. Lastly and equally importantly, what about you? Does it feel like this thing being offered to you is a medium just for you and your gift? In other words, nobody could pull it off how you would. It’s almost as if the opportunity could only be created after you were born because it’s based on your life experience and everything you’ve acquired in that life. If this new thing will allow an even greater expression of who you currently are and provide for the chance to stretch into your “Next.0” self, say, heck yeah!

I said “heck yeah” to the incredible destiny-bound vehicle I’m currently riding in! See more about my journey in becoming Lillette Harris, a title role I’m performing in a new musical that literally no one else in the world could perform!



Next time, we’ll talk about those pesky vehicle crashers (and how they almost made me miss my ride!) in the next blog.

For now, keep your eyes out for shiny new vehicles with your name on it!

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