Own Your Extra

dgc impact Sep 15, 2017


Let’s keep this simple.

When someone calls you “Extra” it’s not usually a compliment. But if you know anything about me yet, you know I love to reframe traditional (or slang) definitions to mean what they really should mean to us visionaries on the mega move. I like to hijack language basically. When people call someone extra they’re usually accusing them of being over the top, excessive, doing too much, adding on unnecessary frills or drama, maybe just for attention.

Here’s my take on why you should Own Your Extra big time:

1. You’re not over the top. You’re showcasing where everyone else should be. You’re proof that there’s another level higher.
2. You’re not excessive. It just looks that way in a world where status quo is the norm. Not speaking politically, you’re progressive, addicted to personal progress and you tend to go hard whenever you get the chance. It’s not showing off, it’s your way of life.
3. You’re not doing too much. Others around you may be doing too little. Enough said.
4. Your drama is not drama, it’s animation. You live life to the fullest and express yourself accordingly. In a world of sedated daily life, where many walk around passionless, your enthusiasm almost looks suspicious!
5. You don’t have to work for attention. Spotlights, opportunities, microphones and moments find you. Or at least that’s what should be happening in your Designer Life.

If it’s not, you might not have done the job of owning your extra just yet.

Let me help you with that!

Doors for DGC are OPEN and I’m simply breathless over it!

You should be too, the most incredible journey is ahead of you. You’re Designer Life is right at your fingertips. Don’t miss the awesome perks that come with being a Charter Member today!

Stay Expectant,


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