Yeah, those designer shoes are awesome. 👠 But can they help you walk more powerfully in your purpose?

dgc purpose Aug 10, 2017

I love me some shoes. I’ll see awesome posts on Instagram from dynamic women I admire and as much as I love what they’re saying I can’t help but often be blown away by their freakingly awesome footwear. But there’s nothing worse than seeing incredible shoes on a woman who can’t walk in them! That’s how it is for me to see incredible women who haven’t learned to walk powerfully yet under the weight and possibility of their purpose. It’s like they’re living at half mast, hobbling (while working hard!) on something that’s missing to finally get them bounding in the right direction. They need the right pair of Purpose Pumps!

At DGC, we have those in all sizes. Come try us on! 

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Who’s Afraid of One-Hit Wonderland?

dgc purpose Aug 07, 2017

Earlier this year, I was speaking at a very prestigious women’s conference and as I sat waiting for my moment to go on stage, I started actually listening to my bio as the host introduced me. I’m not ashamed to say, I was impressed! Not so much by the accolades, but by how much wasn’t being read from between the lines of those very shiny accomplishments. All my wins were laid bare for the world to fawn over, but there was no one-liner about all the pesky “almosts” I had suffered through.

You know about the “almosts”, don’t you?

(Simmons Leadership Conference in Boston)

The times you almost won, just missed an opportunity, were almost chosen, almost finished, etc. It also wasn’t clear how much time had passed between each of my achievements. To hear it read aloud, you would have thought I’d played the White House on Monday, the Supreme Court on Thursday and had gotten all my degrees, written a best-selling book and graced...

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