A Multitalented Doctor, Humanitarian Pianist, and an Artistic Air Traffic Controller!

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You’re about to meet 3 outstanding women, the newest Charter Members of DGC! See if you relate to their dreams, hopes, and actions.

Find out why they decided to join DGC NOW instead of later!:

1. Dr. Carolyn Woodfork Richardson is an accomplished Board-Certified physician who practices pediatric medicine. But she’s not all scrubs, all day long! She writes poetry, makes musical compilations, gardens, and happens to be an expert gift-giver who embellishing crafts so that receivers know it was made specifically for them. Currently, as a Locum Tenens (meaning she fills in for other physicians on a temporary basis), she works for various Houston medical practices assuring high standards of patient care and staff efficiency.

In her own words: My reason for joining Designer Growth Club is to get direction as to how to transition to a profitable and fulfilling new career that will allow me to pass along medical information while utilizing all of my creative...

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