A Multitalented Doctor, Humanitarian Pianist, and an Artistic Air Traffic Controller!

community dgc purpose Sep 22, 2017



You’re about to meet 3 outstanding women, the newest Charter Members of DGC! See if you relate to their dreams, hopes, and actions.

Find out why they decided to join DGC NOW instead of later!:

1. Dr. Carolyn Woodfork Richardson is an accomplished Board-Certified physician who practices pediatric medicine. But she’s not all scrubs, all day long! She writes poetry, makes musical compilations, gardens, and happens to be an expert gift-giver who embellishing crafts so that receivers know it was made specifically for them. Currently, as a Locum Tenens (meaning she fills in for other physicians on a temporary basis), she works for various Houston medical practices assuring high standards of patient care and staff efficiency.

In her own words: My reason for joining Designer Growth Club is to get direction as to how to transition to a profitable and fulfilling new career that will allow me to pass along medical information while utilizing all of my creative...

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Own Your Extra

dgc impact Sep 15, 2017


Let’s keep this simple.

When someone calls you “Extra” it’s not usually a compliment. But if you know anything about me yet, you know I love to reframe traditional (or slang) definitions to mean what they really should mean to us visionaries on the mega move. I like to hijack language basically. When people call someone extra they’re usually accusing them of being over the top, excessive, doing too much, adding on unnecessary frills or drama, maybe just for attention.

Here’s my take on why you should Own Your Extra big time:

1. You’re not over the top. You’re showcasing where everyone else should be. You’re proof that there’s another level higher.
2. You’re not excessive. It just looks that way in a world where status quo is the norm. Not speaking politically, you’re progressive, addicted to personal progress and you tend to go hard whenever you get the chance. It’s not showing off, it’s your...

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Answers to your secretly nagging DGC Questions?

Hey, it’s Jade here! It’s a big decision, isn’t it? Signing up for something like DGC. You can already sense it’s going to be life-changing, so you’ve got to be sure.

Since we opened the doors to the club a few days ago, you’ve been going over the same questions in your head. And we get it. In fact, I know what it’s like to run through the doors of something like this right when they’re closing! So if that’s what you’re planning on, that’s one way to do it, but I’d like to help you come through elegantly and as surely as possible, hair un-tussled, tail of your dress not caught in the door, ready for breakthrough.

With all the demands on you, all the people pulling at you, I understand that taking this leap of faith and deciding to focus on yourself and what you need isn’t easy.

I’m guessing you’ve been asking yourself questions like:

  • Will DGC really work for me?
  • How much “work” is...
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The Big Lie called “Stuck”

action dgc strategy Sep 07, 2017

You need to know this before Sunday when the doors to DGC open.

There's a big lie you've been operating under and little do you know, it's clouded your judgment, screwed with your head and disordered your steps.

But hear this:

Probably my least favorite word since about 2014 to the present is "Stuck", more specifically the phrase, "You're stuck!" I couldn't figure out why the word irked me so. It's very vivid and so many people related to it.

People would hear it and go, "Yes, that's me! I'm stuck!" They'd almost rejoice over having a name for their condition of immobility. Nevertheless, it bothered me still.

So I prayed about it and here's what I heard from the Big Man who never gets stuck:
"Jade, tell them they are NOT stuck. They are being strategically stalled because I know what I am doing, I know what I have for them and I am diligently preparing them for their next season. I am not in a rush because I own all of time."

I was floored and then like a flood this came to me. If...

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Your Worst Critic Has Been Judging the Wrong Stuff!

dgc impact Aug 30, 2017

I once played a concert that I thought was pretty terrible.

Yet to my surprise, at the end of the piece before I could barely play the last note, the audience erupted into applause and gave me a standing ovation and even several curtain calls!

Honestly, I was mad at them, and maybe even thought they were not such a smart audience. Hadn’t they heard me screw up, hadn’t they noticed the minor memory slip or the fact that I garbled the end of a passage or that I hadn’t paced the crescendo just so?! I hadn’t played perfectly so why were they giving me such a perfect response? You see, I was a perfectionist. The moment I started not being perfect in public on stage in front of my audience, I assumed it could only go down hill from there…and then it usually did. Even still, most nights the audience seemed clueless about my errors.

You see, I was a perfectionist. The moment I started not being perfect in public on stage in front of my audience, I assumed it...

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Faith: It’s not just for Sundays Anymore

dgc faith purpose Aug 23, 2017

We had a lively discussion last Sunday about the role of faith and its place in our everyday life…outside of church. (If you missed it, you can watch the replay by clicking here!) People were astounded at the ways I was sharing that faith can so powerfully come into play.

In case you’re still on the fence about unleashing this most crucial ingredient into any and all things YOU, here are three more unbelievable and somewhat unexpected incentives to get you started on a faith crusade!


1. Being more faith-oriented will cause you to be distracted less by world events and the ails of society. Therefore, you’ll be less depressed/angry and you won’t get sucked into endless, often relationally dangerous debates on social media! Faith keeps you focused.
2. Your faith has the power to help you soar in arenas waaaay outside of church. Mine consistently gets me through my kickboxing class like a supernatural champ. Seriously, at my gym, my current nicknames are...

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That Designer Watch sure can tell time, but it can’t teach you how to Master it.

dgc purpose time management Aug 21, 2017

That Designer Watch sure can tell time, but it can’t teach you how to master it.

Learn that here: DGC

I don’t believe time can be managed.

At least it can’t be controlled. I've tried to telepathically stop the second-hand on a clock before…it didn’t work. What I do believe is that time can be focused, it can be channeled, renewed, strategized and wielded. 

We teach those superpowers and how to get the most out of your 24/7 at DGC. 

Check us out, time’s a tickin’!


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Have You Found Your Vehicle, Yet? Better Yet, Has it Found You?

breakthrough dgc purpose Aug 15, 2017

Your purpose will be carried out quite literally in a series of changing vehicles. Each vehicle will drive you further and further down the road towards destiny fulfillment. But that’s only if you don’t allow yourself to be sideswiped by a few nefarious Purpose Crashers! Read further if you’re ready to get in the fast lane on the highway that was built specifically for you.

When I say vehicle, I’m referring to the job, the position, the possibility or the opportunity that you and your purpose are currently riding in or that’s currently being offered to you in a period of transition. First, you must embrace this important Designer Life mantra: Your Purpose is not the thing you do. Your Purpose is the thing that happens in others when you do what you do. Think of it as the part of you that catalyzes some positive result in the people who have the extraordinary blessing of being in your presence. Does that sound like a vain and arrogant statement to you,...

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This Blueprint might have the dimensions for your Dream Home, but not for your Designer Destiny. Uncover that blueprint here:

dgc purpose Aug 15, 2017

The excitement of building a dream home from scratch is like no other. To go from blueprint to reality, to see the studs turn into walls, to walk on the new bamboo floors, the designer paint applied and finally to have the designer furniture arrive is thrilling, to say the least.

But let me tell you something, I don't care if you hire the fanciest “Designer designer” in town, your home will be empty if your purpose isn’t living in there with you!

We have to be so careful we’re not just building glamorous stuff around us in order to keep from figuring out how we’re designed to function outside of those amazing walls.

Whether it’s your home, your office, or even your wonderfully designed family, though it includes those things, your destiny is bigger than all of it. It’s an individual thing. It’s an individual journey you must decide to take. This is not the time to stay “at home” (or at home base), no matter how beautiful...

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Yeah, those designer shoes are awesome. 👠 But can they help you walk more powerfully in your purpose?

dgc purpose Aug 10, 2017

I love me some shoes. I’ll see awesome posts on Instagram from dynamic women I admire and as much as I love what they’re saying I can’t help but often be blown away by their freakingly awesome footwear. But there’s nothing worse than seeing incredible shoes on a woman who can’t walk in them! That’s how it is for me to see incredible women who haven’t learned to walk powerfully yet under the weight and possibility of their purpose. It’s like they’re living at half mast, hobbling (while working hard!) on something that’s missing to finally get them bounding in the right direction. They need the right pair of Purpose Pumps!

At DGC, we have those in all sizes. Come try us on! 

>>>Join the VIP wait list now!<<<




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