The Keys to Your Designer Life are at Your Fingertips!

High-end, activational lifestyle cultivation with Jade Simmons, a one-of-a-kind artist helping you design a one-of-a-kind life! Get ready to #growonthego!




If you haven’t been surrounded by like-minded kindred spirits obsessed with growth, defined by purpose and determined to live bigger and believe bolder, we’ve got one thing to say...welcome home!



We know. You’re finally ready to stop trying on everyone else's templates and start uncovering your own original blueprint.
We know. You’re tired of worrying that maybe you've missed your moment.

We’ve got news for you. This is it right here.

This is NOT a "five-step" program. This is about building a life that yields continual breakthrough, sustainable success and the reward of knowing that you will never again miss your moment.


Designer Growth Club is a one-of-a-kind club delivering ongoing, full-circle lifestyle cultivation, unparalleled inspiration, and uncommon vision development right to your doorstep.

What is included in the Designer Growth Club?

Breathe, Believe, Buckle Up! There are oh so many ways to #growonthego!

Themed Personal Growth

Every quarter a strategic theme is released in your online library, the DGC Studio.

DEVOUR: Jade brings you a fresh monthly series of Teaching Vids. Listen and learn on the go to dynamic Audio Gifts and complete occasional Life Assignments that help you apply the incredibly rich content to your new Designer Life. 


Designer DNA Discovery

At DGC, we believe the mold was broken when you were born. So we help you discover your Designer DNA, how you were uniquely designed to operate.

You'll learn to master the purposeful patterns and personal modes of operation that lead to back-to-back breakthrough in every area of your life.


Custom Community

You’ll be surrounded by other ever-evolving, big-believing, women extraordinaire. These like-minded kindred spirits will also become your simultaneous growth partners.

Connect monthly in Growth Groups, your unique inner circle for the quarter. Chat up your growth in the private DGC Digital Lounge on Facebook

Functional Inspiration

No run of the mill "quotes of the day" here! Think of DGC as the Spiritual I.V. keeping you connected to crystalline clarity and faith-fueled focus.

We focus on helping you slay delay and dismantle distraction so you can walk more powerfully and profitably in your purpose.


Vision Development

We don't give you some guru's template to blindly follow. Instead, we help you unearth your Breakout Blueprint™!

Over time, you'll discover how your purpose functions across settings and industries, what patterns lead to breakthrough for you, how your gifts can be more fully applied for greater profit, and how you're uniquely designed to impact the world around you.

Success Sweeteners

Treating yourself is an artform that DGC has mastered on your behalf. Every quarter, straight to your doorstep, you'll receive inspired surprises designed to keep you encouraged, elated and rejuvenated all the way to your goal.

A good season of growth must be celebrated all the way to the finish line!

Take advantage of the Lifetime Charter Membership special pricing! ONLY $549 per quarter!

After doors close on Sept. 30th, the price will go up when they reopen in 2018. SHOP OUR PAYMENT PLANS NOW!



High Caliber Connection. (LIVE! In Real Time)

A downright contagious instructor and coach, there’s not a bigger believer in your potential to think bigger, do bigger and be bigger! Jade is outrageously committed to helping the DGC woman emerge into the largest version of herself possible, the version she was created to be.

Enjoy Live Momentum Messages (every month): Jade kicks off each month with a live activational call designed to help fuel and focus you on the objectives ahead.

Live Designer Lifeclasses (every month): You’ll plug in to a live video session with Jade and your DGC peers where you’ll further deep dive into the theme you’ve invested in for the quarter. 




Jade Simmons is The Designer Life personified. Always living at version Next.0, she has morphed powerfully from Pianist to Powerhouse Speaker, Artist to Entrepreneur and Brand Builder to Coach/Consultant. In just the last 2 years alone she has added Amazon Bestselling Author, Stage Actress, and Minister to her growing list of roles.  The result is an uncommonly colorful career and a limitless lifestyle marked by purpose, passion, impact and yes, profit, too!




Her continued career as an acclaimed concert pianist whose played the White House and even at the Supreme Court sees her eschewing traditional recitals for concert adventures gaining her the name “Classical Music’s #1 Maverick”. But her true genius? She’s a one-of-a-kind Artist who coaches visionaries to design a one-of-a-kind life full of purpose, realized potential and broad impact. She’s a master at preparing women like YOU for your biggest stage yet! 

The DGC Difference: Our 360º Approach 

We take a mind, body and soul approach to Personal, Professional, Emotional and Spiritual Growth. Get ready to come full circle...two times!

Personal Growth

You'll become more keenly aware of how you're personally put together and you'll learn what intentional choices you must make to ensure chronic breakthrough across the board.  

Professional Growth

You'll learn bolder behaviors that lead to bigger gains in business, an elevation in profile and a broadening of your influence, impact and ultimately your income.

Spiritual Growth

We help DGC women upgrade their belief system to more actively and powerfully use their faith to fuel incredible momentum in every area of their life. 

Emotional Growth

You'll become a master of mood and attitude as you learn the art of reigning over your emotions. You'll learn to use them as signals telling you what's ahead and how to prepare.



The DGC woman is often the First, the Founder, or at the Forefront and that comes with privileges!

Lifetime Charter Membership at $549 regardless of membership rate increase in 2018!                                 
First Access to registration for limited seating events
First Access to registration for signature DGC Finishing Retreats
First Access to limited registration for Emergence Escapes
First Notice about Limited Private Coaching/VIP Day opportunities with Jade


Complimentary VIP Entry to select local DGC events
✓ Special Discounted Charter Member Pricing on School of Emergence Supplementary Courses
✓ Limited Edition DGC Journal
Bonus FREE Audio Course: Destination Breakout: Discover the keys, principles and codes you can employ to accelerate your breakthroughs! Jade Simmons lays out spiritually sound, Biblically-founded "insider secrets" that show us how to partner with God to see our breakthroughs record time.
✓ Signature Gift Box and Quarterly Surprises!

Upgrade Your Growth: With a Signature Finishing Retreat!

At DGC, there’s always more growth to be had! Join Jade at one or both biannual retreats.

These 2-day gatherings are designed to maximize the content you’ve been learning in your current quarter and put you in the same room with your fellow DGC members. The DGC Retreats are bonus options to add to your membership when the time comes. Retreat Registration is $347-547 with VIP packages that include opportunities for more intimate sessions with Jade. 



Deep Dive Your Growth: With Emergence Escapes. For "Grown" Women.

Ready for a real Growth Gamechanger?! When the time comes, *reserve your spot on an intimate and luxe Emergence Escape. 5-6 lucky women will spend 4 days with Jade emerging out of the routine of their daily lives.

You'll be treated to group coaching, a one-on-one coaching on your project of choice, luxurious settings, activities around town, and an agenda designed to help you rejuvenate as you grow exponentially in record time. Prices vary based on exotic locale. As a Charter Member, you'll always get first notice and first dibs. Aren't you special?

*There are 1-2 Emergence Escapes a year, reserved on a first-come-first-served basis.

A "Just Because" BONUS: Destination Breakout. An Audio Gift.

Jumpstart your journey with this free gift from DGC! Your ears and your heart will be on fire after this 3-part audio session! If you're serious about getting your big breakthrough BEFORE the year is out, then this series is a MUST! Did you know every New Year most people give up on their God-given promises by about April? Don't fall victim to that way of thinking! Instead, discover the keys, principles and codes you can employ to accelerate your breakthroughs! Jade lays out spiritually sound, Biblically-founded "insider secrets" that show us how to partner with God to see our breakthroughs through to the end. 


DGC is $549 Per Quarter. Membership increases when doors open again in 2018. Don't miss out on your best value now!

Growing a Brand Built for Impact?

DGC's got the Supplements for your Success! In addition to your regular, full-circle growth, DGC periodically releases supplements like these delicious FREE add-ons below to name a few.

Profit from Your Personality

Chances are you've still got parts of your unique personality that you're not profiting from. Jade teaches you how to articulate your unique "user-experience" and translate that into multiple streams of income from you simply being you.

Bookings That Bank

Jade went from merely refusing to be a starving artist to garnering regular 5-figure paydays that reflect her expertise and experience. Presenters will have no problem paying you after you master these methods of profitable positioning!

Playbook for Powerhouses

When you speak, there should be fallout! The Playbook for Powerhouses teaches the anatomy of a mind-blowing presentation and the strategy behind igniting your professional speaker possibilities.

Catalyze Your Growth with Special Access!

As if all that weren't enough, growth-a-holics hungry for a bigger, more specified fix, you've come to the right place! Binge on this! You've got special access to the School of Emergence Designer Growth Suite! DGC Members get special, steeply discounted rates on all supplementary courses.

Grow Your Faith

In-depth Faith Development courses and Bible studies from an eye-opening perspective teaching you how to powerfully apply biblical principles to your modern-day life.

Grow Your Voice

Trainings focused on personal and professional development with an emphasis on professional speaking, leadership development and stage presence.

Grow Your Biz

Mini-courses designed to help you finally birth that creative baby or expand on your existing business. Dynamic branding, messaging and audience development are key areas of focus.


With all of this growth at your fingertips, DGC speaks to who you are now AND who you're looking to become. Let us help you bridge the gap between where you've been and where you know you were always designed to go!

Warning: Big Destiny is at stake. If you're ready to step into your next phase of existence...

Psst...Here's that moment again.


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