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If you haven’t been surrounded by like-minded kindred spirits obsessed with growth, defined by purpose and determined to believe bigger and behave bolder, we’ve got one thing to say...welcome home!


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 Whether you're looking to get your life, handle your biz, or bolster your belief, Designer Growth Club is for you.

 Here...Every. Woman. Wins!

WARNING: Big Destiny is at stake. If you're ready to step into your next phase of existence...

 Designer Growth Club is a one-of-a-kind club delivering ongoing, full-circle personal and professional development, unparalleled inspiration, and clarity right to your doorstep.

What We've Designed for YOU!

Themed Personal Growth

Every quarter a strategic theme powers monthly releases of uncommon mindset training and purpose-driven practices designed to help you unleash momentum in life and business.

You’ll also learn from Jade live in real time. She gives in-the-moment insights and strategies she is applying to her own colorful life and the brilliant career that has her traveling the world making an impact and experiencing tremendous elevation in income and influence.


Professional Positioning

We don't give you some guru's template to blindly follow. Instead, we help you unearth your Breakout Blueprint™ which reveals personalized modes of operation you can apply to your professional aspirations.

Over time, you'll discover how your purpose functions across settings and industries, what patterns lead to breakthrough for you, how your gifts can be more fully applied for greater profit, and how you're uniquely designed to impact the world around you.


Spiritual Revelation & Rejuvenation

No run of the mill "quotes of the day" here! Think of DGC as the Spiritual I.V. keeping you connected to crystalline clarity and faith-fueled focus.
God has big plans for you that need your full attention. That’s why we focus on helping you slay delay, de-compartmentalize your faith and dismantle distraction so you can walk more powerfully and profitably in your purpose.

Custom Community

Whether it’s in your Growth Groups, chatting it up in the private DGC Digital Lounge or at our exclusive live events and luxe DGC Retreats, you’ll be surrounded by other ever-evolving, big-believing women extraordinaire. These are your growth partners who’ll help you celebrate your wins and keep you accountable to your grand vision.

Success Sweeteners

Treating yourself is an artform that DGC has mastered on your behalf. Every quarter, straight to your doorstep, you'll receive inspired surprises designed to keep you encouraged, elated and rejuvenated all the way to your goal.

A good season of growth must be celebrated all the way to the finish line!

"One morning before I spoke to Jade I felt overwhelmed and frustrated about what I needed to do. After having our session, I felt refreshed, energized, joyful and feeling I could achieve anything! DGC has been a challenge and out of my comfort zone, but it’s definitely helping me grow! I am grateful to be part of it."
- Aracely C., Charter Member

"She's such a force of nature, full of passion and wild ideas. I experience such ease and comfort with her in sharing my dreams and aspirations, and she's so willing to really listen and get to the core and bottom of things and find solutions in what I want to express or do."
- Eunbi K., Charter Member

"I feel very excited, expectant and ready to enter into my new level. Jade's wisdom & knowledge are very well appreciated. In so little time I feel that what I have been absorbing in DGC has been helping me to understand areas in my life that were not clear to me, and this is just the beginning!"
- Maria R., Charter Member

"I do feel like I can do anything now and more importantly I have been given permission to allow for more freedom and flexibility in my personal and professional life. Jade has very successfully been right on target when it comes to an abundance of content, yet saving SPACE for us to be right where we are. We Power House Expansion ladies have extraordinary schedules just like her and knowing she is juggling it all inspires me."
- Patryce K., Charter Member

Grow Through to Breakthrough!



High Caliber Connection. (LIVE! In Real Time)

A downright contagious instructor and coach, there’s not a bigger believer in your potential to think bigger, do bigger and be bigger! Jade is outrageously committed to helping all DGC women emerge into the largest version of themselves possible, the version they was created to be.

In addition to the exhilarating one-on-one strategy session you get at the top of the quarter, you can expect to connect directly to Jade via monthly coaching calls and live video masterclasses. That's not even counting the instant inspiration you'll get from her spontaneous live Facebook teachings in the private DGC Group. Still not enough? Upgrade your life with bonus one-on-one sessions as they are offered throughout the quarter.

The DGC Difference: Our 360º Approach 

We take a mind, body and soul approach to Personal, Professional, Emotional and Spiritual Growth. Get ready to come full circle...two times!

Personal Growth

You'll become more keenly aware of how you're personally put together and you'll learn what intentional choices you must make to ensure chronic breakthrough across the board.  

Professional Growth

You'll learn bolder behaviors that lead to bigger gains in business, an elevation in profile and a broadening of your influence, impact and ultimately your income.

Spiritual Growth

We help DGC women upgrade their belief system to more actively and powerfully use their faith to fuel incredible momentum in every area of their life. 

Emotional Growth

You'll become a master of mood and attitude as you learn the art of reigning over your emotions. You'll learn to use them as signals telling you what's ahead and how to prepare.


Lifetime Membership at $549 per quarter regardless of membership rate increase in future!                                 
First Access to registration for limited seating events
First Access to registration for signature DGC Finishing Retreats
First Notice about Limited Private Coaching/VIP Day opportunities with Jade


Complimentary VIP Entry to select local DGC events
✓ Signature Gift Box and Quarterly Surprises!
OPENING DAY BONUS An extra One on One Career (or Calling) Coaching Connection with Jade Simmons. DGC offers full-circle coaching, but in this special one-on-one bonus session, you'll specifically plot out some point by point strategy for that big thing you're going after in your career or pursuing in your calling!


Upgrade Your Growth: With a Signature Finishing Retreat!

At DGC, there’s always more growth to be had! Join Jade at one or both biannual retreats.

These 2-day gatherings are designed to maximize the content you’ve been learning in your current quarter and put you in the same room with your fellow DGC members.

The DGC Retreats are bonus options to add to your membership when the time comes. 



DGC Delivers Ongoing Breakthrough Content

Some people speak about these things, others may preach on these things, no one else TEACHES these things. Get ready for uncommon strategy and unprecedented growth. Only in DGC. Here's a sampling of just your first 2 quarters of growth.

Month 1: Powerhouse Positioning- 

Yup. We're giving you the good stuff right away on day one. This is where big breakthrough begins and ends. You're either getting in position, staying in position or repositioning...always. The key is to know what phase you're in at all times so you can actively participate in the intended growth needed to reach your goal. We teach you that!


Month 2: Growth Seasons and Cycles-

Get ready to understand on a deeper level the meaning of "for such a time as this." Jade teaches you how to decipher the specific season you're in, diagnose what type of preparation is needed in order to grow, and you'll begin to be able to predict what season is next on the horizon. This will be the key to being right on time and divinely aligned for breakthroughs in life and business.


Month 3: How to Stay Expectant-

This is the stuff that gets you all the way to unstoppable! You'll gain the ability to live in a state of Expectancy and stretch your faith to maximum levels. Can you learn to be excited about the unknown, knowing you're prepared and in position no matter what comes? We believe you can and Jade will show you how to do that powerfully, in a way that increases your peace, bolsters your faith and improves your outcomes across the board.

Month 4: Slay Fear, the Ultimate Distraction-

Fear, in one of its many deceptive forms, is usually the culprit that gets us off track and delays our destiny. In this quarter, you'll learn life-changing mindsets that help you re-understand and recycle fear in a revolutionary, new way. You'll discover strategies that turn that understanding into powerful fuel for heightened, sustained focus!


Month 5: Change Your Relationship with Change-

Companies pay a fortune for consultants to come in and lead them through or help them recover from change. At DGC, we help you become one of the rare breed who doesn't fear change, but you'll look forward to it! This happens when you understand how to perceive change before it happens and learn how to unpack all it has in store for you. Your relationship with change is about to...change!


Month 6: Mastering Steadfastness- The Art of Standing Strong

The gap between where you are and where you're headed is filled with steadfastness, standing firm on all the growth you've gained to date. We teach you strategy to finish what you start, to maintain newfound mindsets and how to avoid destiny detours. Watch your personal and professional value increase as you become known for your rock-steadiness!

The Breakout Blueprint™

The Breakout Blueprint is one of the most priceless takeaways you’ll get from DGC. Think of it as a roadmap to your own personal Best Practices! It’s one thing to know that you’re uniquely designed, it’s a whole other thing to understand HOW and WHY you’re designed. Each month, you’ll do a brief Breakout Blueprint exercise that helps you uncover the hidden culprits that have been holding you back and guides you in discovering the most likely modes of operation to get you all the way to breakthrough. In just a matter of months, you’ll have a clearer picture of how you’re built, where you’re designed to go, and how best to get there!


Don't miss out on your best value now!


With all of this growth at your fingertips, DGC speaks to who you are now AND who you're looking to become. 
Let me help you bridge the gap between where you've been and where you know you were always designed to go!


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Jade Simmons is The Designer Life personified.

Always living at version Next.0, the world-class concert artist long ago decided to go from merely impressing audiences to impacting them instead. Her bold moves in Classical music presentation garnered her the nickname “Classical Music’s #1 Maverick”. Today, she has morphed powerfully and profitably from Pianist to Powerhouse Speaker where she serves as a Purpose Whisperer to the world’s superlative brands. In addition to her performance career, the Bestselling Author, Stage Actress, Mentor and Minister helps visionary, multifaceted women position themselves more powerfully for their own big debuts in life and business.


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