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✓  BONUS A One-on-One Designer Vision Casting with Jade Simmons. (DGC offers full-circle group coaching, but in this special one-on-one bonus session, you'll specifically plot out some point-by-point strategy for that big thing you're going after in your career or pursuing in your calling!)

✓  BONUS FREE DGC Finishing Retreat* (Value $347) Join Jade at the DGC Positioning Retreat. These 2 1/2-day gatherings are designed to maximize the content you’ve been learning in your current quarter and put you in the same room with your fellow DGC members.

Normally, DGC Retreats are bonus options to add to your membership for $347 when the time comes. Get yours for FREE Now!

✓ Complimentary VIP Entry to select local DGC events

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*Club members still responsible for travel and accommodations.


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